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From the cark park walk down to the coastal path and proceed eastwards to a bench. The crag is below, either scramble down or go through one of the caves which lead into the bottom. The height of the sand relative to the problems can vary enormously and with it the grade. To gain a rough idea of the height of the sand when these problems were graded the sand was approximately 2.3 meters below the scoop of Scoop Dragon.

East Wall



  1. F5+ Bulge
  2. F4+ Arete bold
  3. F4+ Roof and groove bold
  4. F4 Roof and wall bold
  5. F4 Roof and crack old
  6. F4+ Fingery Wall
  7. F5+ Finger traverse, feet above ramp
  8. F5+ Fingery via undercut
  9. F5+ Fingery again
  10. F6a From layback move up, traverse 7 backwards
  11. Layback, sitting start
  12. F6c Arete
  13. F6c Rib
  14. F5+ Layaway + Flake
  15. F5+ Layback + lunge
  16. F6a Layback + rockover for slope
  17. F7b+/7c Direct + slope sitting start
  18. F4a Way down or up English
  19. F6a Ribs - layaway
  20. F5 Dartford Runnel
  21. F6a without footledge
  22. F6a+ Layback crack
  23. F6b Arete
  24. F4 Rockover or Dyno

West Wall



  1. F5b Arete
  2. F5b Corner
  3. F5b Start up Corner, moving out right to finish
  4. Scoop Dragon F6c Gain the obvious holds on the base of the scoop and mantle in. Continue with difficulty
  5. Sandy F6b Layback the crack
  6. Slipperman F6a Climb the groove for a few feet then traverse left to the blunt rib.
  7. The groove F5b
  8. F5a Climb wall half way between Slipperman and the easyway down.
  9. Corner - Easy way down
  10. Oyster F6c - Arete
  11. The Whelk F6c - The less sharp arete to the right. Harder and better without the triangular pocket
  12. Silence of the Clams F6c+ - Start under the nose and reach out right to the slope, share and slap the top.
  13. The Nose F5b Dynamic
  14. F6 Climb wall to the right of the The Nose


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