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An old railway bridge with four cracks at the corners varying from finger to hand jam sized cracks. One side you climb right above the pavement so spotters are highly recommended to stop you from falling into the road, the other side can be climbed safer but still spotters recommended. The problems are 4 meters high so a bouldering mat would be recommended to soften the fall.


Approach 1. From the M4 turn off at J34 and head towards Llantrisant, go striagh on at two sets of traffic lights and turn right at the roundabout towards Pontypridd, straight on at the next roundabout, past a petrol garage on your right, straight on at another roundabout. Take the next turning left follow this road until you come to a bridge in Tynant.

Approach 2. From the A470 turn off at the Pontypridd, if approaching from the north, take the third exit up a slip road to another roundabout, and turn right, otherwise approaching from the south turn left; head down a duel carriageway, go straight on at the set of traffic lights and turn left at the next set. Go up the hill, straight on a traffic lights, and follow this road until you come to a roundabout, turn left and left again at the next mini roundabout. Head down the hill until you come to a brigde in Tynant.

Tynant bridge.gif


  1. Layback Crack
  2. Layback Crack
  3. Layback Crack
  4. Layback Crack


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