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Taffs Well West


The far right end of the North Wall is the first you reach and is easily approached by dropping down in the pit on the right. The obvious vertical wall has a good number of problems, eliminates, dynos and traverses. Best on a sunny morning after a dry spell (but even then not great).

For more deatils of the routes here can be found www.southwalesmountaineering.org.uk.


  1. This is the Whisk V2 From a bridged position on the damp groove/ramp at left end ,traverse at a low level to reach and finish on the green jugs at the right end. F.A. Chas Ryder 8.5.08
  2. The Life of Strife V3/V4 Starting in the drilled tube under "Any Old Iron" and traversing right through to the end of the vertical bit, staying under the first bolts ending probably where the above problem "This is Whisk" finishes. Crux under "Knackers Yard". F.A Ian Lucas

The Pinnacle further up the path has a few pockety problems.

Taffs Well East

For more deatils of the routes here can be found here.

Conglomerate Boulder

To right of main crag, up the track before the steps. A bouldering experience where the holds change more often than at WICC. The problems are on the side of the boulder facing the road.


  1. GLUE (5a) SS. The left wall, Chas Ryder July 2002
  2. COMING UNSTUCK (5b) SS using same starting hold as for 1 but climb up rightwards and over the nose. Chas Ryder July 2002

Main Face


  1. Earthworm's Traverse V0+ A left to right traverse of Taffs Well Main, the hardest part being the scramble through the two vegetated wall sections F.A. Jamie Maddison 12/05/08


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