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On the Swansea bay front there is a foot bridge passing over the Oystermonth Road offering some excellent buildering and several extended problems to the top of the bridge structure, although it's recommended that a top rope be used provided the railings give adequate anchors but I'll leave this down to the individuals decision. The majority of the problems are on the shore side of the bridge with the best of landings, nice soft sand. Access: Just out of range of the highest spring tides and on the public beach, so no problems with access at all.

There are more routes on the roadside of the bridge but these tend to be dirty and confined. Also, must scope for development of routes on the bridge structure on the other side of the road.

Grading: The grades of the routes are unknown (both boulder and lead are all unconfirmed, verification is needed). Some of the problems have been graded but verification is still needed.

  1. The Bridge - Shore side
  2. Two small turrets


Situated in Swansea at the end of St. Helens Road, where it joins Mumbles Road/Oystermonth Road by the beach. From the bridge top you should be able to see the Town Hall and the Patti Pavillion.

Swansea Bay - The Bridge

From the beach side, the routes are lettered then numbered from west to east (left to right as you look at it). Many will be chalked up already, as the soft sand landing is popular with locals. Problems highlighted in bold are recommended. Problems recommended by Stere Merchant.

This page was provided by Steve.J. Merchant. Nice one mat! And the problems on the pillers marked by "Face only" were have been graded by Andre Manuzio.

The bridge.jpg


  1. direct up pillar
  2. 6b/+ direct up pillar - face only
  3. direct up pillar
  4. 7a/+ harder for short people? direct up pillar - face only
  5. follow obvious line of pockets over arch. Pumpy and classic! Caution should be taken as there is protuding steps directly below the apex of the arch.
  6. low traverse between arches (both ways)
  7. follow crack finishing left on pockets
  8. follow crack finishing direct at bottom of pillar
  9. direct to ledge
  10. arete to ledge
  11. traverse inside arch (both ways)
  12. traverse inside arch (both ways)
  13. arete to pockets
  14. low traverse of middle section (both ways) *
  15. high traverse of middle section (both ways) following line of obvious pockets
  16. direct left ? of face
  17. 6a+ It is possible to climb the midle of the face
  18. direct right ? of face
  19. 5c arete to pockets
  20. 6b left of face to pockets
  21. 6a central face to pockets
  22. right face to pockets
  23. 5b arete pockets
  24. 6a left of face to pockets
  25. 5a right of face using the hold adjacent of the metal thing as sidepulls or
  26. 6a eliminate the metal thing
  27. 5a arete to pockets
  28. traverse inside arch (both ways)
  29. traverse inside arch (both ways)
  30. 4c arete to pockets
  31. face to left pillar
  32. face to right pillar
  33. up and over arch
  34. low traverse between arches (both ways)
  35. 7b+/7c? left to right traverse inside arch, finish exiting arch onto face facing the road (Pumpy and classic!)
  36. climb between the arch and the piller
  37. direct up pillar
  38. 6c/+ direct up pillar - face only
  39. direct up pillar
  40. 6a+ direct up pillar - face only


18. the left corner is about E3 5b
20. the middle of the wall is probably worth E6 6b
22. right corner is alsoabout E3 5b

Swansea Bay - Turrets

Swansea bay turrets.jpg

Andre Manuzio has found a new area located not far from the bridge which holds two small turrets, providing plenty of climbing on big holds. Pictured below is a photo of one of the turrets. Due to Andre returning to Italy he was unable to document any of the problems here so if any of you out there could document the problems and send them into me I would be very grateful. As I won't be able to go there myself because of a bouldering accident I've had, and managed to brake my angle and severely bruised the other foot.


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