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Situated just east of Langland Bay, this venue provides steep bouldering on immaculate rock, with good landings. Approach from either Langland, or via a crumbling old building at the back of the bay. The climbing is on the West side of the bay. The Caswell bus passes close by. Affected by high tides.

Gower rotherslade bay.jpg


These problems are pictured from left to right.

  1. 5a Low start to obvious pocket on lip
  2. 5a 1m to Right, obvious jub to start
  3. 4c 1m to Right, large pocket to start
  4. 5a 1m to Right, Bugle/Overhand
  5. Easy'ish descent
  6. 5c+ Starts on pair of good edges
  7. 6b Start as far to the back as possible
  8. 5b+ Wall via good spaced breaks
  9. 5c An airy finish is optional
  10. 6a Hand crimps and slab for slot
  11. BOLD ROUTE E5 6b?
  12. BOLD ROUTE E5 6b?
  13. 6b Hang & slap..for rock pool!
  14. 7a Project. undercling then what?
  15. 5b Gritstone with the grit?
  16. 6a Start on undercling
  17. 5a Low start groove
  18. 4c Juggy prow
  19. 6b The Traverse! Start up problem 11 and traverse Left avoiding the top of 1.

Rothers Tor


The following have be provided by Chris Wyatt. Thanks. Apologies for taking so long to publish, got lost in my email archives.

For Rotherslade there are a number of good problems on the Tor itself. (just next to the area in the guide) hopefully the diagram below will point them out once you are there. There are a whole bunch of problems east of here, some really good.

Rothers tor.jpg


  1. 5a RH Edge of face
  2. 5c Middle of face, fingery
  3. 5b Up Ramp line with feet off
  4. 6a Diamond High slab avioding edges
  5. 4c O'hanging groove


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