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There has been a recent rockfall/landslid at Oxwich Quarry, for more details click here, adding some more problems to this topo.

Free standing boulders are not common in the area, and these are about the best, with some very interesting problems. Unfortunately they are covered by high tides. Found below the obvious quarry on the west side of the bay

Gower oxwich boulders.jpg

Boulder 1

  1. Arete above dead tree (5c)
  2. Low start Wall (5a)
  3. Low start Arete (6a+)

Boulder 2

  1. Arete (4a)
  2. Slab (5b)
  3. Arete (5c)

Boulder 3

  1. Hand traverse Left to arete (5c)
  2. Technical arete (6a+)
  3. Crozzly wall (5a)

Boulder 4

  1. Arete (the pinch) (5b)
  2. Low start wall above pool (5a)
  3. Wall (5a)
  4. Arete (4c)
  5. Arete (4c)

Boulder 5

  1. Groove (4a)
  2. Wall (6a)
  3. Arete (6b/c)
  4. Pocketed wall (5c)
  5. Thin wall (6b)
  6. Groove (4a)
  7. Ramp/arete (6a)
  8. Wall (6b)
  9. Arete (5b+)
  10. Low start (6b)


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