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You can check out and actually see what the current weather and tide conditions are like by viewing the webcam shots taken at Ogmore by clicking here.


This area has previously been documented and published and back issues of 'On The Edge'. Issue 28, 'The Trench' by Chris Hamper and more recently issue 103, 'Slippery Grit by the Sea' by Eugene Jones. The diagrams and descriptions in this and linked pages are taken from the above articles except where stated.

The majority of the climbing here is on water worn limestone and "vary in character substantially and in many cases do not reflect limestone climbing in other well known areas such as the Peak, Portland, Pen Trwyn and Pembroke... The Trench is more like Gritstone, with many problems following features such as scoops, grooves and aretes on sloping holds and swears but without the friction of the grit 'up north'. Hence static power and poise are required for success. Don't be conned by the easy looking nature of some of the problems the sea polished nature of the rock adds at least a grade to the Gritstone-like features. Have you ever tried to layback an arete on rock where the surface feels it has as much friction as damp slate? Also beware, copious amounts of chalk can be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. However, landings are generally very good, deep soft sand can break your fall as good as any bouldering mat and hence a car mat or door mat (to keep your feet dry) and a rag are all tools required. It is also advantageous to use a blowtorch to dry out holds when climbing in the winter, but don't worry, its use will not polish the rock because of the water borne sand blasting problems twice a day. Furthermore, don't get despondent if you make a repeat visit to the area only to find that you just cannot get off the ground. The height of the sand relative to the problem can very enormously (as much as 2 meters from one year to the next) and with it the grade, some problems particularly those with sit down starts can even become impossible, so chill out and savour the challenge if you find yourself getting nowhere." OTE issue 103.



As well as clicking on the different areas in the above diagram (Although this diagram has become out-of-date!) one can navigate to the area by clicking on the links below.

  1. Estuary
  2. Hardy's Bay: Area 2
  3. Hardy's Bay: Area 3
  4. Hardy's Bay: Area 4
  5. Daylight Robbery Area
  6. Pebble Dash Area
  7. The Trench and The Bonus Trench
  8. Area 7


Approach 1. If approaching from Cardiff, turn off the M4 at junction 35, taking the exit towards Bridgend. Continue going down the daul carriageway, going straight on at the roundabouts (follow sign to porthcawl) until you pass Mcdonalds on your right. Turn left at the next roundabout and follow signs towards Ogmore-by-sea. Parking is possible in the car parks marked on the map above. Although the car park by the Estuary is a 'Pay and Display'.

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