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OS Ref: 086942

Clearly seen on the skyline heading north on the A470 near Abercynon. This and the other rocks in the area make a varied circuit in a pleasant position.

Not navigation plan.jpg

  1. The Slab
  2. The Oblong Boulder
  3. The Wall
  4. Hicksville Boulder
  5. The Main Not Boulder
  6. not documented
  7. not documented
  8. not documented
  9. Upper Buttress
  10. not documented


Park as for Navigation Quarry but once over the gate follow the small footpath up the hillside just after the tarmac, up a small wall on to a the platform. Several problems are located along this platform, being the first 3 areas 1,2 and 3. Areas 4 and 5 are reached by via the path between where you first gain the platform and the area The Slab/pylon. Continue up the hillside to the Pylon and follow the path, perpendicular to the path you was just on. At this point the path soon disappears, at which point just head straight Hicksville boulder (Area 4 on the map).

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