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The following text and drawings and linked pages have been contributed by Chas Ryder. All problems date between 10.4.98 - 24.11.01

Goitre Coed Rocks are to be found on the South West facing hillside above the A4059 and Abercynon, between grid references 085958 and 079961. Goitre Coed Rocks starts as a rock escarpment which is initially loose and unappealing until the bay of The Bathroom is reached. The edge continues in sections of solid low walls. The rest of the bouldering is a series of walls and boulders scattered below and South West of the edge, some on the open hillside, some buried in the woods. Goitre Coed Rocks has over 120 recorded problems at present. These listed here are the best. And are found on the following areas

  1. Plan 1
    • A - The Bathroom
    • B - Peace Deal Wall
    • C - Angola Boulder
  2. Plan 2
    • D - Howling Monkey Wall
    • E - (Four Hours To) Stanage Wall
    • F - Half Team Recess
    • G - Cleavage Wall
  3. Plan 3
    • H - Corner Boulder
    • I - Plantation Boulder
    • J - Crapstone Villa
    • R - Pissoir Boulder
  4. Plan 4
    • K - Blind Pig Boulders
    • L - P.S. Boulders
    • M - Conference Boulder
    • N - Sedimentary Rock and You
    • O - South Park
  5. Plan 5
    • P - Drop Dead Gorgeous Boulder
    • Q - The Paunch

There is potential for harder and higher problems. This guide may be used to either locate the rocks then wander as the inclination takes or to follow the problems scattered over this wide area.As yet the area has not yet had much attention thus some of the problems may need cleaning. Also, in the Summer many of the walls and boulders are hidden behind man-eating bracken so take a machete or go somewhere else until the Autumn.

Goitre coed area plan.jpg

Approach and Parking

Heading North leave the A470 at the Abercynon exit, through the traffic lights and under the railway bridge. Turn right by the cafe and up Abercynon Terrace. At the top turn right up Alexander Road then left up Lock Street. Pass over the dual carriageway and turn first left along Goitre Coed Isaf and to the end of Incline Top. Park thoughtfully.

Cross the stile and follow either Approach A or B.

  • Turn right and follow the path up the hillside until it meets a stile at the corner of the barbed wire fence surrounding the Plantation. Turn left to follow the path under the edge (10 minutes).
  • Follow the path directly ahead until it is necessary to go left over the stile onto the roadside then back over the stile right. Follow the path up through the woods. Once out of the woods DROP DEAD GORGEOUS BOULDERS are up on the hillside to the right and the top of CONFERENCE BOULDER shortly appears down the hillside to the left of the path.

Alternatively, park as for The Gap. Follow the path diagonally left up the hillside to the ridge between and above CORNER BOULDERS and PLANTATION BOULDERS.


Goitre Coed's open aspect and South facing direction means it catches a lot of sun and many problems dry quickly after rain. Only South Park remains dry during rain.

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