Dinas Rock

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Without doubt, Dinas Rock is the most impressive and forbidding of the inland sport climbing cliffs. A huge impressive sheet of off-vertical walls mixed with overlaps and powerful starts lends the crag an unusual fell to it: a mixture of strenuous then very technical climbing provides a surprising mixture of bouldering on the lower sections of the cliffs. It also harbors some of the hardest boulder problems in the area with many more yet to be done.

  1. Car Park Crag
  2. The Roadside Crag
  3. Kenelgarth Slab
  4. Kenelgarth Wall
  5. The Cave Area
  6. The Bridge Cliff
  7. Main Overhand Area "the main atttraction"
  8. Terrace Wall
Dinas rocks plan.gif


From the Heads of the Valley road A465 turn off at Glyn-Neath and turn right at the lights and take the first left in 200 yards (B4242), signposted Pont-Nedd-Fechan. Follow this road until just before it begins to rise up the hill and turn right by the Craig Dinas Hotel. this narrow road soon leads through the small village of Pont-Nedd-Fechan to turn abruptly right over a narrow bridge with a car park in the obvious quarry to the left.

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