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Went here last night; it's a worthwhile little boulder, thanks for documenting it. Not quite sure where the eliminate project 10 goes. If it's the same as the 10 in this photo pulling over the lip on the triangular pinch, then it's no different in grade to the other roof problems. Or maybe it takes a line further right, in which case it's sickeningly hard. Might be worth matching names/numbers with the ukc page for the boulder. :) --- Crispin

Those descriptions are very similar to what is on here and I documented this area myself about 10 years ago. Only been here twice, when we found it and the second time to document it. Like I said haven't been here in quite a while so can't remember the exact line i was thinking at the time but certainly wouldn't have made an eliminate of the same grade as I prefer true lines. --- SWBG - Dave Wakley

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