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This area covers the two free standing boulders that are on the common.

Boulder 1

The Rocking Stone

Ponty boulders.gif


  1. 5b Traverse clockwise around the boulder finishing at 6.
  2. No hands problem TOF.
  3. No hands problem TOF.
  4. Climb the arete TOF.
  5. 6a Low start TOF
  6. 6a Low start, LH in the two finger pocket, RH in the crack. TOF
    1. 6b Alternative, immediately to the left of the short crack, ss using two digits of right hand in pocket, pull up and over the bulge without using the edge on the left
  7. 5b Low start sharing on ledge TOF.
  8. 6a+ TOF
  9. This is two variations:
    1. 6c+ Sitting start with feet on the back wall and hands on lip of roof. Move up onto two open-park holds on ledge via an Egyptian move. Then make a hard move into a mantel without your feet touching the ground and topping out to finish. The secret is good body tensioning.
    2. 6c Start as variation '1' and traverse anti-clockwise finish at 7 or continue on easier ground.
  10. Sitting start anti-clockwise traverse around the boulder. Harder than it looks due to the fact that you can't see where you putting your feet.
  11. 6b Low start mantle to Finish.


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