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Unfortunately local kids have been using this corner as a wind break for making fires, as a result most of the problems are covered in soot. Not to mention that the ground is also covered with broken glass. Nevertheless, some bouldering is possible here if one avoids the soot and glass, but this area is not worth documenting as there are only a couple of worthwhile problems and there are better problems elsewhere on the common.

The Common - Rock 1 01.jpg


  1. 6b Sitting start, pulling on two good hand holds and with your feet on the rock. Then, follow the horizontal crack to the right and then up the arête with a top out finish. It is quite strong 6b.(shown to Kevin Hughes by Chris Evans who climbs with Andy Sharp).
  2. Tricksy Eng 6a+ Sit down start climbing directly up the face without using the arêtes on either side with TOF. Two tricky moves.


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