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Continue along the beach from Hardy’s Bay (or scramble over the rocks to the plateau above) in the direction of Cardiff for about 500m, until this rock formation is visible towards the top of a pebbly beach. As well as the problems described there is potential for more, as well as eliminates. Pebble Dash in particular can be climbed from anywhere along its traverse.

Ogmore pebble dash.jpg


  1. Pebble Dash V7/Font 7a+ Traverse the lip to gain large pocket in the roof at the left hand end before topping out (the block is in for feet at this grade,V9 without). F.A Rob Lamey Video.gif. To watch other video's by Rob visit http://www.youtube.com/lameyrob
  2. Unnamed ? Possible problem climbing up from the middle of the Pebble Dash traverse.
  3. Slap Dash V3/Font 6a+ Start sitting, and slap up the overhanging prow on small holds, before an ‘interesting’ top out. The footblock is in at this grade. F.A Rob Sanderson


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