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This is the area opposite the Daylight Robbery Area but has had a series of rock falls in the last couple of years making the PDF guide that was previously published on SWBG out of date. That said it's definitely the best starting point, go download it.

Additions to the PDF guide

It seems like the most sensible thing to do with new additions is note them here until the PDF guide is either updated or copied onto this page.

Robbosite1.jpg Robbosite.jpg

  1. 4 (5+ with sit start) This is PDF problem 14 started to the right of the arete instead of the left, up the flakeline then move left around the arete to finish.
  2. Robbosite 6a+ Standing start on jugs to the left of the face, then traverse mid-height past the wet streak to top out. This links problems 16 to 20 in the PDF and would form the middle part of project 25 proposed in the guide. Sequencey. FA C Cooper June 2013 (?)
  3. 4+ Up jugs to a beached whale topout. This turns out to be the same as 22 in the PDF


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