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This can be approached from Navigation Quarry by following the path that leads its way to the top of the quarry and continue up the hillside. The buttress lays directly above and slightly to the south of the quarry.

Navigation quarry - upper buttress.jpg


  1. 6a+ Low left to right traverse. Quite tricky ?
  2. 6a Head height left to right traverse avoiding the top ledge at the start.
  3. 6a+ Sweet - Sit down start with big slap to sloping ledge
  4. 5c Sour - Standing start beginning at he sloping ledge. The crux is the last move to gain the top ledge. TOF Highball
  5. 6a Climb the Arête. This can be done either as a standing start TOF (5b) or as a sitting start to break or TOF .
  6. 6a+/b Ant Crusher - A quality Low left to right traverse. Sit down start pulling on to the diagonal crackline. Follow this with difficulty and pull up to the end of route 7
  7. 5b+ Traverse sloping ledge left to right. Requires good footwork
  8. 5a Standing start with TOF
  9. 5a+ Standing start with TOF
  10. 5b Standing start with TOF
  11. Project. Sit down start with just a few very hard moves
  12. 5b Sit down start under overhang/arête. Can be made harder as an eliminate. Otherwise straight forward
  13. 5b+ Low left to right traverse. (5b) Can also be done footless.
  14. 5c Sit down start with a couple of strong pulls up the face.
  15. 6b Sweet & Sour - links problems 3 and 4


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