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Natural outcrop of buttresses.

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  1. 3a
  2. 5a Wall
  3. 5b Best problem is central arête finishing around the cap . Or a more committing finish is found finishing directly over the cap.5b+
  4. 4c
  5. 5b+ Sitting start under the shelf using slopers and finishing around the left side of the arête avoiding the obvious ledge
  6. 5b Sitting Start, lying (in sheep shit) start under undercut and pull up using oval pocket. Continue up the arête with interest
  7. 5c Sitting Start
  8. 5a Right Arête.
  9. 5a This is found on a lower boulder immediately left of the main boulder. (This has yet to be confirmed Five Bellies
  10. V2 5c To the right of Five Belliis SS using the pocket to start. Climb the arete.
  11. V1 5b SS The wall on the right side of the boulder

From the main boulder cross the hillside rightwards for 100 metres to a low stepped boulder.

  1. Not Another Traverse V2 5c SS on left and traverse right to finish as far right and on top of boulder.

Chas Ryder 2002 & 2003


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