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Come on guys I'm looking for editors to help keep this site up-to-date. So become an editor by clicking here!

For those boulderers that also climb might wish to contribute to to help with regearing their favourite crags. All donations no matter how small or big are welcome.

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved website which is now a wiki. This allows the bouldering community, you, to maintain the site youself. All one has to do is first request an account, provide details of who you are, background in climbing and a brief description of what you plan to contribute to the site. then on a weekly basis I'll be reviewing these requests and I'm satisfied that you aren't a spammer you'll be granted access to edit and off you go. Unfortunately due to "Spammers and Vandalism" I have had to add this extra measure to protect the site. For historical purposes the original static site is still available.

There have been several guides published for this area (Gower & SE Wales), but unfortunately not many for bouldering. Admittedly there have been some development in Gower and The Trench between Ogmore-by-sea and Southerndown. However, I believe that the aforementioned bouldering areas can not be the only areas that are worth publishing. The Gower & SE Wales rock climbing guide does mention some worthwhile bouldering areas, but unfortunately it doesn't have any documented problems. For some of the areas documented on this site a bouldering mat is recommended.

This site ( aims to document these problems and would welcome any contributions of new problems, areas; and/or feedback of any of the problems and areas mentioned on this site by either create an account and make the contributions yourself or if you don't feel comfortable using the wiki put all the details into an email send it to SWBG sending attachments detailing where it is, a description, its grade and possibly an accompanying diagram showing where the problem is.


Click here for a comprehensive list of links to other website that you may find useful.


Here is a list of areas that are documented on this wiki.

Coming Soon

Over the next couple of months the contents of the (Pembroke Bouldering Guide) will be added to the site for easier maintenance. Mean while this guide can be found at the aforementioned link.

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