Limeslade Bay

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A swall bay just West from Mumbles and identified by an ice-cream parlour just above has this little treasure tuched away on its East side. It is effected only by high tides, is easily accessible from Swansea and the landings are clear.

Gower limeslade.jpg


  1. 5b Steep Prow
  2. 4c Chimney and roof
  3. 6b+ Start low on pockets, to a sloper
  4. 5b Groove
  5. 5c Wall
  6. 5b Wall
  7. 5b wall, can be continued but not recommended
  8. 4b Smooth groove
  9. 5b Juggy prow
  10. 4c Awkward groove
  11. 5b Steep jub pull to slab
  12. 5a Finish up prominent fluting
  13. 4c WAll and fissure
  14. 6a A pumpy low traverse is possible from problem 13 to finish on top of problem 3.


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