Goitre Coed Plan 5

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Boulder

Below the end of Goitre Coed Rocks, located in The Plantation beyond a stand of trees to the left of and below Crapstone Villa (looking out). Or approach via Approach B and scrambling up hillside. An obvious slab above a small quarry (danger of bouncing down the quarry - terminal)

Drop dead gorgeous boulder.jpg


  1. 5c Steep wall
  2. 5c Arete
  3. 5a Shallow groove
  4. 5b Slab
  5. 4a Arete
  6. 5b Traverse slab left to right

The Paunch

Red boulder with large plate overlap, just left of DDG Boulder (looking out)

The paunch.jpg


  1. 4a Slab
  2. 5a Straight over overlap
  3. 5a Rounded arete and overlap
  4. 5b One metre right of 3 onto ledge and over o/lap direct
  5. 5b+ Low start on obvious flat holdline, follow right to arete and finish direct

There is a boulder to the left (looking out) with two problems and further left is a big piece of rock with an overhang, rope required.


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