Goitre Coed Plan 4

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Blind Pig Boulders

Directly down hillside below Plantation Boulders

Blind pig boulders.jpg


  1. 4b Arete
  2. 4a Corner
  3. 4c Wall via slot
  4. 5c Wall
  5. 4a Rounded arete
  6. 5b Traverse from 3 finishing up 5

P.S. Boulders

Further left than Blind Pig Boulders, past the quarry.

PS Boulders.jpg


  1. 4b Step over overhang and up slab leftwards
  2. 5b Overhang via mantel
  3. 5a Into corner exit right wall
  4. 5b Overhang of right arete
  5. 5a Left wall
  6. 5b Right wall via sloping finish

The next three boulders are directly underneath P.S. Boulders, down the steep slope. Best approach is Approach B to top of Conference Boulder and then right (looking out) to the other two.

Conference Boulder

Flat topped boulder just below Approach B path.

Conference boulder.jpg


  1. 5a Grave Concern Arete from lowest point
  2. 5a LPI Wall via shallow crack
  3. 5c Neglect Arete direct
  4. 5b Direct over roof right of rounded groove
  5. 5a+ Over overhangs

The wall between 3 and 4 is a much tried project

Sedimentary Rock and You

This is the next wall across the hillside. No problems on it yet.

South Park

Next wall to the left, the best being the right side of the wide crack. Problems go to fault then traverse off.

South park.jpg


  1. 5b Wall to the right of the crack
  2. 6b Mr.Hat - Good moves up middle of wall via pocket
  3. 5c Right side of wall

There are further boulders and problems buried deep in the woods over to the right (looking out)


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