Goitre Coed Plan 2

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Howling Monkey Wall

Small concave wall with central crack

Howling monkey wall.jpg


  1. 4c Left wall via overlap
  2. 5c Left arete (ss)
  3. 5b Leaning wall
  4. 5a Undercut central crack (ss)
  5. 4c Right arete
  6. 5a Traverse from 1 to finish up 5

(Four Hours To) Stanage Wall

Tall wall with fine right arete and twin cracks to the right of arete.

Stanage wall.jpg


  1. 4b Undercut wall to niche
  2. 4b Middle of wall
  3. 4c Elegant arete
  4. 4b Left hand of two cracks
  5. 4a Right hand of two cracks

Half Term Recess

Bay immediately left of Stanage Wall

Half term recess.jpg


  1. 4c Narrow wall
  2. 4c Middle of undercut wall
  3. 5a Arete

Cleavage wall

The left hand side of Half Term Recess

Cleavage wall.jpg


  1. 4b Overhang into chimney
  2. 4a Corner
  3. 4c Crack


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