Goitre Coed Plan 1

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The Bathroom

Small quarried bay with a prominent narrow arete on its left side.

The bathroom.jpg


  1. 5a The corner
  2. Narrow arete V1 Hairy pull over the top. Or use a finger crack on left at V0. (Problems not hard but very high ball). Chris Evans
  3. 5b Left side of black wall
  4. 5a+ Right side of black wall
  5. 5a Corner
  6. 5a Bulge s.s.
  7. 4a Wall
  8. 4a Wall

Peace Deal Wall

Wall with long overlap and two obvious pockets above overlap.

Peace deal wall.jpg


  1. 5a Via left pocket to narrow terrace
  2. 5b Via right pocket to narrow terrace
  3. Kebamba - Font 5c/6a / V2/V3 - FA Kevin Hughes, SA Cai Edwards 02/05/04
    Using the good side pull at the base of the crack, you can get yourself in a position to lay off and reach for the top and then mantle the top out. This is a good problem worth having a go at.
  4. G-Baby - Font 6a / V3 - FA Kevin Hughes, SA Cai Edwards 02/05/04
    This is a good problem which dynos through the wall immediately right of the shallow crack. Mantle the top out to finish. Don't be put off by the lichen as it doesn't affect the problem!
    Start on slopers far left traverse right along slopers then pockets, then finish up problem 3. V2 Chris Evans

Angola Boulder

Short compact wall just to the left and below Peace Deal Wall.

Angola boulder.jpg


  1. 6a Middle of wall (without using the slope on left or cheating stone)
  2. 5a Right side of wall
  3. 5a+ Bottom right to top left
  4. 02/05/04 Cotton Mouth - Font 6b / V4 - FA Kevin Hughes, SA Cai Edwards
    Sitting Start to problem 1. Technical moves to gain a very small crimp, before a rock up of the small crimp to a couple of good crimps, before topping out.


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